Luke’s Random Ramblings

Thanks heaps for popping in and checking out my rant. I started Luke’s Rant on Facebook a couple of years ago as a way for me to share my perspective on events in my life in the hope that when I’m old and grey I can look back and remember. It’s a tool for me to practice writing and to be able to pay tribute to the important people in my life. Although many of these posts are long winded, I think for the most part I’ve done well to reduce my ramblings, so feel free to skim!  Thanks again, and your feedback is always welcome.

Super Seniors Keep On Driving

Have we as a society lost all respect for our grand parents? Have we no respect for people who have been on the road longer than many of us have been alive? Are we truly turning into a barbarian society? Or do the rules of basic morality change as soon as we step in to our vehicles?

Let’s face it, the road is a dangerous place. In 2010 there were 42,299 recorded crashes in NSW alone. Of those, 365 people lost their lives that year, quite literally one person dead every day. Of those 42,299 people 44.8% of incidents resulted in injury to at least one person.
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Sleepless in the City

May 2012   
I’d like to dedicate this rant to share a story about a journey I have been on for the last four or five years. For me, it really is the tip of the iceberg of an issue that many of us find pretty confronting. An issue that surprisingly the more I understand about it, the more confused I get. It has been a pure intuitive experience, with my mind accepting that this problem is too big for me to even make a dent in. And although I’ve made a positive impact on many who I’ve met, I can’t help but feel a little selfish in that it’s given me more in return. Click to read this rant.

In the Blink of an Eye

April 2002
It’s hard to believe it’s already a quarter of the year into 2012, it really has raced by. So far it has been quite an adventure. I have met a lot of people, seen a lot of theatre, and made some great new friends. On the other side, the project I’ve been working on has monopolised pretty much all my time, so I’m looking forward to catching up with my neglected Wollongong friends and the family all of whom I’ve missed dearly.

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The Home Stretch

Vampire Revealed

March 2012
So it has been a long time since my last Rant, and it’s been a daunting task trying to condense what has been an eventful few years. To get the ball rolling again I thought it best to look at the now and make time later to reflect on the past.

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